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It will be interesting

We like beer – drinking and designing – AleBrowar, Gościszewo, Jan Olbracht – the Ostecx Créative adventure with Polish craft has been going on since 2012. We’re proud to have had the opportunity to set the trend, raise the bar, and do many other equally interesting things by creating labels for the best artisanal breweries in the country. During this time, we also got to meet many inspirational people. And we came up with an idea.

The idea is Craft Jungle. Right now, you may think that it’s just a shop with cool things related to beer. But you have to be vigilant. The vision is bold, the plans are ambitious, and the desire is great. So it’s worth keeping tabs on our activities on all social networking sites and looking around for Craft Jungle at beer festivals. Are you curious? Welcome to the beer jungle.

Beer style shopping

Would you like to draw attention to your love of artisanal beer? Or perhaps you're looking for a gift for a craft fan? Check out our store.

The exotic goes hoppy

What would you say about a beverage combining aromatic hops with exotic fruits? We said 'yes' and created Hopsoda. Now available online!

We hope to see you soon

Do you enjoy going to beer festivals or other events with a strong Polish craft presence? It's quite possible that we'll meet in the near future.

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